The Factions

In Asylum you live in a world that has adapted to the subtle presence of the supernatural.  That adaptation has taken on many forms.  Magical detectives investigate Outsider crimes, human ambassadors meet with demigods and fey royalty, helpful gnomes run appartment buildings and mermaids dream of becoming Broadway stars. The world teems with strange innovations and points of view.  All beings, Insider and Outsider alike, combine their efforts to succeed. . .

Asylum is a modern day urban fantasy setting that combines hard boiled crime and spy action with magical realism.  The name of the game comes from a new movement among the various supernatural beings of the world.  The players are members of or affiliated with Asylum, which is dedicated to a world where supernatural creatures (Outsiders) and regular earthlings (Insiders) can live together in harmony.  Their struggle to create this world usually results in supernaturally powered intrigues and adventures.

Including Asylum, there are eight international clandestine organizations.  Like the NSA, freemasons, templars, communists, or mafias, these organizations have reasons for operating in secret. Those reasons have a lot to do with the fact that their agendas, methods and cultures quite often clash. Before you sign up, ask yourself what really motivates you:

Wealth and Power

Find a job in THE RED MARKET

Get an offer you can't refuse in KOMMITTET 13


King and Country

Work for the US government in THE BUREAU OF OUTSIDER AFFAIRS

Become a civil servant in CIRQUE


Wonder and Magic

Explore ancient mysteries with THE MISSION

Meet the gods of THE PANTHEONS

Bring out the dead with THE MINISTRY


Saving the World

Welcome to ASYLUM