Greater than the sum of its parts. . .

Asylum is a political movement.

Beginning early in the last century, beings both Inside and Outside began to see changes in the world. In those changes they saw an opportunity: they envisioned a place where the differences between Inside and Outside could be erased. The Earth could be something unique in all the universe. It could be a world where all beings could peacefully coexist, cooperate and learn from one another.

Asylum is a secret society.

Those in the know see Asylum as a loose affiliation of idealistic, socially motivated volunteers. Yet beyond its public face, Asylum keeps a secretive core who determines the direction and action the group will take. They misdirect and deny their existence whenever possible.

Asylum are dreamers.

Asylum’s political action and community groups do good work all over the world. Anyone willing to commit to the ideal of an open and enlightened society can be a part of Asylum.

Asylum is not telling you the truth.

Meanwhile, its shadowy leaders field highly effective teams of Insiders and Outsiders on mysterious missions, often while pretending to be a part of other organizations. Sometimes these missions bring peace or justice where there would have been none. Sometimes these missions sanction and destroy.