What is Asylum?

"The world we know is the world of man. We live Inside. There are worlds beyond we only half­ remember as dreams, legends, and faith. Those are Outside. In between those are the places made from thoughts and pure magic. They are Sideways. Things weren't always this way, so they're probably not going to stay like this forever. There are Outsiders that want to come in. They've learned this world is a haven. There are others who want to get out. They'll learn this world is a prison."

Neo-Noire and Magical Realism

Welcome to the world of Asylum where society has adapted to the subtle presence of the supernatural. That adaptation has taken on many forms. Magical detectives investigate Outsider crimes, Human ambassadors meet with demigods and fey royalty, helpful gnomes run restaurants and mermaids dream of becoming Broadway stars. Humans in the know debate and wonder at what is waiting for them Outside while the Earth glitters as a faraway beacon of hope and opportunity to the creatures of myth and legend. The world teems with strange innovations and points of view. All beings, Insider and Outsider alike combine their efforts to succeed.

Asylum is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a hard-boiled urban fantasy world that parallels our own. Players take on the roles of covert magical contractors involved in clandestine adventures. Asylum is both a major theme, single-word description, and main in-game organization. Player characters are members or affiliates of Asylum, an organization dedicated to a world where supernatural creatures (Outsiders) and regular humans (Insiders) can live together in harmony.

Asylum's "default" theme is neo-noir, focusing on spies, thieves, contractors and agents. For the debut of our wide new universe, we're putting the biggest conflicts at the front and center! Can humanity organize itself before the old gods from Outside return to Earth? Can Outsiders finally escape their fixed destinies to start a whole new life on our unique and beautiful world? What happens when shadowy groups of humans push forward their anti-Outsider immigration agenda and start to take violent action? How far will your character go to keep the peace? How much will your character be forever changed by the incredible new things experienced? Step into our world and find out!

A New RPG Universe

Asylum is a new entertainment IP created by Ben Reinhart and Carlos Coral. Asylum and its exciting new system are coming out soon as a pen and paper RPG with plans in the works for comics, stories and Android apps.

Our pen and paper RPG uses our newly created Impact and Foundation system to make vivid characters and a play experience that is quick, intuitive and inspiring. Through Impact, characters are given the freedom to solve conflicts like puzzles, investigations or combats in any way they see fit. This is done by breaking down the traditional RPG barrier between combat rules and everything else. Through Foundations, your character can become quickly fleshed out with a memorable personality and past. These Foundations become the cornerstones of your character's being.

You only need the core book, a character sheet/file, something to keep notes on and a few ten-sided dice to play Asylum. If you like creating visuals, the system is also compatible with gridmap systems like Gametable, Roll20 or the good old fashioned physical battlemap and tiles. The game is designed for 3-6 players and 1 Narrator.

Asylum is recommended for players 16 and up as the core set delves into themes of mystery, oppression, corruption and identity.

Watch here for announcements of Events and posts on our blog that will reveal details about the game world and system.